An Update After an Extended Hiatus

Hey y’all! I’ve missed blogging something fierce. My hiatus was fully unintentional. We had a lot going on and then even more going on and now we’re finally settled. I hope. Really, how settled can you be with kids?

We moved from our home in Woodbury to a house in Stillwater that I’m absolutely obsessed with. It’s nothing fancy but for some reason when I’m here, I actually feel like I’m home. It’s like I’ve lived here my whole life.

I’ve recently become employed as an at home team member with Target. It’s an amazing opportunity and I’m loving the flexibility that it gives me. I’m also still working part time for Walgreen’s as a pharmacy tech. I haven’t worked full time in about five years. It’s a change of pace – sometimes welcome, other times not.

Mr. B is focusing a lot more on his health lately and it’s definitely showing. He looks amazing and his mood is improving as well.

G started preschool again. He’s attending full time four days a week and is loving it. He gets to ride the bus and has his own locker. I definitely feel a little sad that he’s growing up so fast.

O is in daycare now. There are times where I get this nagging feeling of guilt that I’m not giving him the same experiences with me that G had of staying home with me. But I feel like he’s doing well and learning so much while he’s there.

D started the 5th grade this year and today is the first day that he’ll be playing trumpet. I’m hopeful that he finds something that he loves other than basketball but we’ll see how that goes.

B is in middle school now and started playing tackle football for his school. He seems to absolutely love it and I’m excited to go see a game of his this weekend.

I’ve been working a lot on personal development. Trying to learn how to do things that I should have learned years ago. Being better at budgeting. Knowing ways to cope with my anxiety. Being more organized and less of a procrastinator. It’s a long road ahead of me but I’ve set goals to have this all figured out completely in one calendar year. Prayers that it sticks.

I think that’s a pretty good, basic update of what’s going on in our lives. My plan is to get up and write something every morning. I may have to have prompts. I might just be able to write from my heart. Either way, it’s a goal of mine to start writing more because it’s so therapeutic for me.

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you again soon.




Author: Brixanne

mom, step mom, wife... all the $#!+ they don't tell you about motherhood

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