World’s Okayest Mom

My name is Brixanne – the ‘x’ is merely for decorative purposes and is not actually pronounced. Although if you ask any of my internet friends, they disregard that and prefer to call me Brix {bricks}.

I’m married to Mike whom I refer to as Mr. B in my writings. We met on St Patricks Day in 2011 while I was standing in line for the bathroom and he walked by on the phone looking for his mom. Isn’t that how all fairy tales begin?


We both brought boys to the relationship – not on St Patrick’s Day though. Bryson, referred to as B, is Mike’s son and was born in 2007. Daylen, referred to as D, is my son and was born in 2009. In January 2015 we all officially became a family and I became a Benscoter.


Gabe, or G, was born in June 2015 and I’m sure you all are able to do the math on that. Ha. Finally, completing our little family is Oliver Beau… O here on the blog, he is most often just called Beau at home and was welcomed on the 4th of July 2017.

27798052_10100194656200654_2758211756822800667_o (1)

The hardest job I do is raising these boys. I make lots of mistakes and just hope that when they’re grown that they will look back and remember the good memories and that I tried my best. Some days my best is literally them all being alive at the end of the day. Other days it’s getting them all to church, fed, bathed and out to do something fun for the day. Most days though it’s a combination of the two. My infant will almost always be a mess – something on his face or clothes – but he is happy. My toddler hides apples and will eat them the next day even though they are turning brown and have probably been in the dogs mouth at one point. D will literally snack his way through the evening and not touch anything at meal time and would go his entire life without washing his butt. And B, well, from what I gather he still bites his toenails.

Some fun facts about me as the world’s okayest mom –

  • my kids often find delicious snacks on my dining room floor and I don’t stop them
  • I won’t allow my older boys to wear sweatpants as clothing but my toddler can walk out of the house in one cowboy boot and one rainboot because tantrums
  • I spend way too much money on family photos – thank God for my photographer being willing to over photograph us
  • I drink a LOT of caffeine – like multiple cups of coffee and multiple Monster Zero Ultra in the white can
  • if I’m unreachable by phone it’s probably because G is watching YouTube videos
  • my family is on Weight Watchers for dinner and they don’t even realize it
  • we’re a half ass church going family because hockey
  • I am a firm proponent of “do as I say, not as I do”

Seriously though. I love my boys. They are all my favorite for different reasons on different days. I do my best as a mom just like everyone else and at the end of the day I say a little prayer and cross my little fingers that my boys will turn out to be decent human beings.

If there’s something you’d like to see a blog post on, shoot me a message!


b.a.b.m. Brix





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