Lash Lift and Tint

I’m not the girliest of girls. Hell. I didn’t even know how to curl my hair until a couple years ago. I still will only do my makeup for special occasions and possibly when the mood strikes for me to put my best foot forward. So… when the opportunity arose for me to try a Lift and Tint, I couldn’t say no.

I’ve had eyelash extensions done once before. I went in and let someone “practice” on me and while I loved the results, I knew that upkeep was out of my price range and just not something that would fit in ny lifestyle. So off fell the extensions with no fill ins and me looking fabulous for a couple of weeks.

My dramatic extensions.

My very close friend just started up her own business – Fresh & Flawless MN – and one of her newest services includes the Lift and Tint. When I saw the before and after she posted, I knew I had to give it a try.

The service is described on her site as “a chemical process that is used to change the texture and structure of the lashes. A
lash lift is a modern version of a lash perm without the perming rods. A lash tint is darkening of the lashes, it will make your eyes pop! No need for mascara.” No mascara? Definitely my kind of service.

I arrived at her studio inside of Salons by JC in Woodbury ready for a brand new experience. It’s seriously so cute and everything is very clean and professional.

She started by using makeup remover on my eyes – you are supposed to come makeup free though. After thoroughly cleaning my lashes she began the lifting process by curling my eyelashes. She then applied a silicone pad to hold my lower lashes down and help plump my upper lashes up.

Next she began sweeping my lashes up, setting them in place with a lash glue to attach to a rod. After the glue was applied she began to apply a fixing serum and left that in place for about 10 minutes. When the 10 minutes was up she removed the serum and applied a lash tint, darkening my eyelashes enough to look like I have mascara on.

Here’s a before and after:

It was seriously one of the easiest processes ever. I have some stubborn lashes so it took a little longer for my application than for other people but I was impressed. The lift is supposed to last 6-8 weeks with no upkeep in between.

When I had lash extensions done I knew that upkeep wasn’t in the books for me. My eyelashes ended up looking even thinner and sparse after they fell out. This process makes my lashes look and feel healthier and fuller. I can’t wait to have them done again.

This is 2 days later with no macara.

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