Boudoir. Just do it.

I’ve strived to be candid in my blogs. Honest. So here I go again.

I have been struggling with myself for the last couple of months. It has not been going well, at all. I’ve had to take the focus off of my physical journey – weight loss – and put it back on to my mental health. This has caused a shift that has made me self-conscious and more often than not, self-deprecating.  As mother’s, I feel like, more often than not, it is so easy to let the focus fall off of ourselves and entirely on to our children, our partners and our jobs/households. I, for one, tend to do this over and over again. I forget who I am.

It can be so difficult not to when you can’t remember the last time you washed your hair and you’re wearing the same coffee/spit up/food stained yoga pants for who knows how many days.


There are so many ways we can make time for ourselves and finding a way that is rejuvenating is going to be different for each of us. This blog post though is going to be about one you’ve probably never even considered. Boudoir photos. I realize that having these photos done is not something you can do every time you start to lose your sense of self, but let me tell you, being able to look at them any time you’re feeling the way I’ve been feeling can be so uplifting.

I actually have been lucky enough to have had two separate experiences with boudoir photography. My first experience was with Blooming Portraits Photography Studio and the other, much more recent shoot, was with 4 Girls Glamour. A close friend of mine nominated me to win a photo shoot with 4 Girls Glamour and I was beyond shocked when I actually won. Shocked and terrified. Even though I had photos taken before, they were done by someone who had taken a TON of family photos and even photographed the birth of my son. She did my makeup and made me look phenomenal shortly after having G.

After seeing me give birth there isn’t much more to be self-conscious about.

brix boudoir.jpg

Going in to a studio to have “sexy” photos taken by someone I don’t know? That was terrifying.

I walked into the studio and was immediately directed to the makeup artist Jen Des Lauriers of High Brow Minneapolis. She got to work giving me a soft, yet bold look that would absolutely pull everything together. I even had false lashes which I always feel awkward in but she managed to make me feel completely comfortable and absolutely stunning.


Next came the issue of what to wear. My lingerie isn’t exactly the sexiest stuff you can own and for some reason I hadn’t been smart enough to buy something new. No worries though. Elizabeth and Aaron – owners of 4 Girls Glamour – came through in the clutch with some of the most amazingly beautiful lingerie, shoes and jewelry I could have asked for. I even mustered up the courage to wear something that I would never be caught dead in. And I looked GREAT in it.

Elizabeth and Aaron are seriously the chilliest couple and so easy to work with. They know how to make you feel completely comfortable all while making you look your absolute best. They’re the kind of folks you can picture hanging out with on a patio somewhere, having drinks and talking about your kids. They did an amazing job of explaining how to pose and how to position myself to get the best angle. AND they made me laugh and have fun while doing it. AND they made me feel like a total hottie. As a mom of four, three that I birthed, who definitely has the mom bod going on, I wasn’t sure if the outfits I had chosen would look good or the poses they were choosing would look good. But holy hell. When I finally got to see the proofs I was in absolute shock that I could look as amazing as I did.


I will 110% always recommend that a woman get boudoir photos done. Not just for her partner, but for herself. I’ve heard all of the excuses and I can guarantee that you are perfect just the way you are. These photographers are skilled at making you look your absolute best. Why not embrace the beauty that your partner and everyone else can see and finally see it yourself?!  Wear as much or as little as your comfortable with and know that once the photos come back your confidence is going to soar.

And while I’m still struggling with all of my everyday things and my mental health issues – I get to look at these photos and know that there is so much more to me than meets the eye. There is sass, beauty, confidence, sexiness and so much more. If it takes these photos to remind me, then so be it.


Author: Brixanne

mom, step mom, wife... all the $#!+ they don't tell you about motherhood

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