Confession: I fake it.

I fake it. A lot.

I’m wonderful at telling people how fantastic I am and having them fully believe it. I’m absolutely terrific at plastering on a smile, letting out a bubbly laugh and faking my way through a terrible day, week, month or year.

I am a woman of faith living a life of chaos. I believe with every ounce of my being that there is a plan for my life. A plan for me and for my family.

But during the really tough seasons, no matter how much faith I have that absolutely everything will work itself out, there are times I fake it.

I fake the strength. The strength so many of my friends say they envy. I fake the smile.

Hide the worry, bury the stress, cue the smile, always respond, “I’m fantastic!”

But why? I try my hardest to embrace the chaos of my life.

When the going get tough, the tough mama sucks it up, gets shit done and embraces the chaos and her kids.

That doesn’t mean I don’t pray for some of that chaos to subside. It doesn’t mean I don’t bottle up all of the details of things happening and keep it contained on an inner shelf … it just means that sometimes that you have to FAKE it till you MAKE it even if it’s only for the public eye.

It’s okay to lose it. Sometimes I lose it. You just pick yourself up, brush yourself off and keep moving. Pour yourself a drink if you need to. Sometimes it’s okay to fake it.

I do recommend finding yourself a tribe. I have an amazing village of mamas that I can turn to when things get tough… when I’m feeling hopeless and all I have left to lean on is them and my faith.