It Takes a Village to Make a Mama

Let’s make our communities that are so large and bustling feel just a little bit more like a village. Because none of us should feel alone in this momming thing. It’s hard.

I’m sure at some point you’ve heard that saying “it takes a village to raise a child.” I know that I’ve heard it a million times. Before having children it was something that I didn’t take much stock in. But it really does, doesn’t it? In today’s society though there isn’t much kid raising done by the community. Everyone is afraid to step in and help because they are so worried they’re going to offend someone or do something wrong. It makes me so sad.

But you know what makes me even more sad? The fact that there are so many mom’s out there that are struggling and don’t have a village to help them. A couple years ago I became a part of a tight knit mom’s group on Facebook. It was fantastic. It was exactly what I needed at that time in my life and I will be forever grateful for the support that those women gave to me. We’re all still friends on Facebook for the most part and there are still a handful of those women that I can’t go without talking to. But life moves forward and sometimes friendships do too. And even with that truth, I would drop everything in my life to help any one of those women if they needed me to. And I feel like we need so much more of that in the lives of moms!

When I was at the Children’s Theater and that other mama was struggling, I had an instant urge to help her. BUT. I almost didn’t. Because I was worried she would take it the wrong way. You know how she took it? With thankfulness. And watching her visibly relax, even just a little bit, was so amazing. I want to see that for more mom’s that are struggling.

I want the mom with the tantruming child in the middle of Target to know that she isn’t alone. That her child tantruming isn’t a sign that she’s a bad mom, it’s a sign that she’s an amazing mom.

I want the mom who is so physically and mentally wiped out to know that she isn’t alone. That right now things are HARD but that one day, maybe in the distant future, but one day, it’s going to be so much easier.

I want the mom who is having marital problems, the mom who has always been a solo parent, the mom fighting demons, the all organic mom, the McDonald’s drive-thru mom, the mix of everything mom, EVERY SINGLE mom to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Your struggles as a mom may be unique to you but someone out there knows what you’re going through in one way or another. There is another mom out there who can help you feel more normal about your accomplishments and your failures.

And I’ve come up with a little way that we can all do that for another mom. I hope that you’ll help me with my Moms Empowering and Encouraging Together (MEET) movement. I’ve had an amazing graphic designer help me create a little business card that you can print off at home. If you’re in need of something creative done you can check her out at

My vision is that you’ll print these little business cards off and you’ll hand one to the next mom you see who is visibly struggling. Show her she isn’t alone. Heck, maybe give her two so she can give one to another mom. Let’s make our communities that are so large and bustling feel just a little bit more like a village. Because none of us should feel alone in this momming thing. It’s hard. Hell, it’s probably one of the hardest things we’ll ever do…

Let’s try to be the amazing people we are and instead of tearing each other down, let’s build each other up. Let’s give every one a smile they deserve for the day. A knowing look. And a card that says, “I know how you feel.”

If you’re feeling up to it, you can head over to and they’ll print 100 business cards for $1.99. I’ve included the single sided design for that option. Or just print them from home. I don’t think that the card’s material is what is important as much as the act of giving it and what it says on it.

I really hope that you’ll join me in this. It takes a village…. why not create our own.