When the Doctors Don’t Have Answers

For the past two months I’ve been struggling with syncope, which is a sudden temporary loss of consciousness. The problem is, when I faint, I have full awareness of what is happening, yet I am unable to move, speak or open my eyes. These fainting spells leave me in complete awareness, lasting anywhere from 2-15 minutes before I am able to “wake up.” I spend days at a time feeling as though I have vertigo and then suddenly, one day, my vision closes in on me and I essentially faint. My eyes flicker as I try to open them, my eyes will roll and if they don’t my pupils are constricted. My right hand will twitch as well as the right side of my face. My body is completely tense. These spells typically happen while standing, although at my last hospital visit it happened in the upright sitting position.

I’ve had two hospital stays. They have me on a constant heart monitor which has presented nothing of significance during any of my spells. They’ve run an MRI, CT, ECHO, EEG and EKG. Still nothing of significance has presented itself. They are at a loss and so am I. This last visit they didn’t run a single new test, leaving me frustrated and at my wits end. All I want is some answers to this apparent medical mystery.

So I write this blog post. Hoping that someone out there has experienced this or is a member of the medical community who might have some insight. I have had to stop working and they now want me to completely stop driving as well. I bawled my eyes out to my last nurse because I am expected to carry on my life normally although I have four children at home and there are times that I am alone with them.

What do you do when the medical field has no answers for you?




Author: Brixanne

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6 thoughts on “When the Doctors Don’t Have Answers”

  1. Have they tested you for something called Vega Vagal attacks? This is what I am experiencing at present and our symptoms sound similar although I don’t have the twitching during but major shakes before.


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